28May 2019

Have you ever wished you could ignore annoying guests on a Sunday afternoon? Do you trust everyone that knocks your door? Are you expecting a parcel to be delivered? These situations are not uncommon and we need to be prepared. Having an intercom facility is an ideal solution to all your predicaments. Although intercoms have been around for a long time, but is an audio intercom enough?

Seeing is believing and technological advancements in the industry have given birth to video intercoms. The primary purpose of a video intercom is security. However, our video intercoms provide you with more than just security.

Mental Peace

Our video intercom system can be easily integrated with other systems, thus giving you complete peace of mind. You can view and communicate with the person outside without opening the door. The crystal clear voice through the speakers ensure the authenticity of the visitor so you can easily tell whether the door should be opened or not.

Enhances Property Value

Having a video intercom system ensures value addition to your property. Today, home buyers throughout Australia consider security as one of the most important factors while purchasing a property. Modern video intercom systems are actually responsible for enhancing the value of your property.

access control

access control

Keeps Record

Today, in most families, members work long hours which means that homes are vacant for the most part of the day. As a result, you may miss important deliveries or even worse a burglar could have a field day. Having a video intercom potentially rescues you from such situations by capturing clear images of the visitor. It can also help you determine whether the visitor was a friend or a foe, thereby preparing you for the future course of action.
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