29Jan 2019

The warmer summer days is perhaps the best time to travel and explore our fascinating country.

While going for a holiday is all fun and exciting, it also means you are gone for an extended period time, leaving your home and valuable possessions vulnerable to the burglars.

Tips to Protect Your Home

But here is some good news – While you are gone for a holiday, you can still protect your home with the following simple tips and advanced home alarm systems.

  • Protect your Home with a Security System – With extensive options available for numerous advanced home security systems in Melbourne, you can add a protective cover to your home, while you are away. A high-end security system provides you with much-needed peace of mind while you are taking a break from the routine.
  • Inform Alarm Monitoring Service – If your home is already equipped with a security system, make sure you inform the monitoring service about being away out of town. Your security service should know who has the authorised access to your home when you are away. Additionally, don’t forget to provide your contact details for emergency contact.
  • Put your Home on Automation Systems – Home automation system puts your home on a timer. You can have the lights turned on and off at particular times. This creates an impression of someone at home, deterring the burglar to stay from your property.
  • Put Newspapers on Hold – Piled up newspapers and emails are a clear tell-all sign for the burglars that your home is vacant and vulnerable. It is advisable to put any delivery services – be it newspaper or mail – on hold or ask a neighbour to pick up them so that you are not leaving a clear sign of being away.
  • Make Sure all Entry Points are Secured– Before you go, make sure all entry points to your home are secure and locked. Apart from the front and back doors, ensure you have locked the basement entrances, attic windows, or second-floor windows if any.
  • Avoid Public Announcement of Holidays – It is highly recommended that you avoid announcing about your holidays publicly, especially on social media.  Nowadays, burglars use social media to monitor potential targets. If they see where you check-in and how long your house will be vacant, chances of your home getting robbed increases manifold.

Protect your property while you enjoy a long and refreshing holiday this summer by installing an advanced and high-end home alarm system. We offer home alarm and office security systems. We also specialise in alarm installation services in Melbourne.

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