Security Services

Stay safe and in control of the things that are important in your life by equipping your home or business with the right security systems.

GEA Group Security specialise in providing tailored security services that meet your individual needs. These include: alarm systems, security systems installation, monitored 24-hour security, CCTV installation and access control.

To make sure that all emergencies are taken care of immediately, GEA only use the most reliable electronic operations centre. You can trust GEA to respond and report incidents as soon as they occur, giving you the peace of mind that your home or business is safe.

Home Security Services

With GEA, you can rest assured knowing that your family and personal belongings are secure from theft, fire and violence. We install active security systems fitted for your home that report directly to our control centre. In case of danger, GEA’s emergency crews can take care of your family and home immediately. Read more about home security systems.

Small Business and Shops Security Systems

Secure your business with a custom solution from GEA Security, Australia’s leading provider of customised security solutions. Read more about small business and shops security systems.

Industrial Security System

Our commercial and industrial experience can help your business avoid disruption from causes such as power failure, workplace injury or robbery.

GEA can combine electronic and personal security to provide a security service to suit your needs, and provide you with the best solution to ensure the safety and security of your products / services and of your staff. Read more about industrial security system.

To identify what works best for you, GEA will personally come to you and survey your workplace for FREE. We will:

  • Define the security issue(s) you have
  • Offer multiple solutions for you to choose
  • Install those solutions
  • Monitor their ongoing use, and
  • Maintain a close relationship with you to change these solutions as you meet new challenges.