31Jul 2019

A commercial establishment is where one store’s the most confidential business information, keeps expensive equipment like computers and laptops and often store’s money as well.It is also vital that the decorum and discipline of an office setup be maintained. Hence, security becomes an important aspect for every office.

In addition to CCTV security systems and security alarm systems, access control systems can help ensure complete security in an office setup. There are several advantages that these systems pose when compared to lock and key systems.

Limit Access Depending on Roles:

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Certain employees might have roles that require them to have full access like accounting, housekeeping and more. On the other hand, there might be some employees who require access to only a few regular places in order to carry out their duties such as employees whose work mainly happens from their computer desks. By installing access control systems you can control which employees have full access and which ones have limited access. You can also allow less people to access more sensitive areas of the establishment and install a separate access control pod for your safe.

Keeping Track of All Movements:

You can set up your access security systems to record when your employees punch in or punch out of the office premises. This will ensure discipline in terms of timely reporting and will also help keep track of who all are entering the office. You can also search history in access control systems to get a proper record of all movements in case of a theft. This record can help in easy investigation of the crime. Moreover, installing an access security system will, in itself, act as a deterrent for committing crimes.

Cost Effective in the Long Run:
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An access control system might cost a lot more than lock and key systems but are more cost-efficient in the long run. Since access security systems normally use codes, cards and fingerprints to be able to enter a certain place, the problem of a missing key doesn’t arise. In case of a card, it can be denied access if it is lost. Hence problems which cost more, like having to replace the lock or the door do not arise with these systems. They also perform more functions than traditional locks and provide much more value for the money spent.

Thus, the role of access control systems in ensuring security is justifiable.

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