BOSCH 3000 ALARM system



Wire and install Bosch 3000 computerised security system complete with:

  • 1 icon code pad
  • 1 12-volt power supply
  • 1 12-volt 7.5 amp hr battery
  • 1 indoor siren
  • 1 outdoor siren and siren cover
  • 1 strobe light

Wire and install 3 passive infra red detectors on bracket

Wire and install 1 front door reed

Wire and install 1 safe dial unit for the transmission of data to our control room and for the facility of remote arm/disarm of your alarm system from your smart phone.

Test and commission to our control room at $170.00 (inc gst) per quarter for safedial monitoring fees

Benefits of BOSCH 3000 Alarm System:-

Bosch 300 alarm system does not only protect your house from burglars when you are not at home but also send you alert when you are away from the house. The system does not only provide protection from intruders but also alert the security company and house owners in the case of fire and carbon monoxide leakages. That’s not it. The advance Bosch Wireless Solution 3000 Alarm System comes up with many other benefits.

It does not matter that how civilized and educated we become, but still, there are some bad guys who live in our society. That’s why we learn to protect our important things since our childhood. When we were young, we learn to protect our toys, books, games and even the special blanket but when we grow up, the important things become the safety of our house, children and other family members like parents and siblings. Due to this concern, the way of security the loved one and important property changed. Today, the people worldwide are trying moving toward the latest security alarm systems due to its importance and benefits they get in return.

In past, we had very typical and old style security alarm system. Those systems were not only expensive but also comes up with very limited features and become very general in the public due to this, the burglars start learning very easily that how to break them. Thanks to the latest technology who has made our life easy and more security. Due to the latest technology, now our security systems also start being upgrading. Today, in the market, there are advanced security systems which allow you to look at your property (home, office, shop, commercial property) through wireless technology while you are far away from the house (even in the other part of the world). These security systems do not only provide peace of mind by letting you know that your house is protected but also alert you in case of fire and carbon monoxide leakages.

According to the survey conduct in the year 2018, the people who install alarm system (e.g. Bosch 300 alarm) in their house are 5 times more protected than those who do not choose to have the security system in their home while they got the peace of mind and live a healthy life.

There are several popular companies who claim to give the best security alarm system to the customers. One of them is called Bosch Alarm System who offer security alarm system on the basis of the need of the customers. What makes them best? Well look at these benefits:

Protection from intruders:

Today the burglars can easily learn that how to break a security system. The Bosch know this problem, that’s why they have made their Bosch 3003 alarm system very complex which provide guaranteed to the customers against protection from intruders. With the help of Bosch Wireless Solution 3000 Alarm System, you can look at your property while you are far away from it as it is linked with the security company and they will inform to the police in case of any intruders.

Increase property value:

According to real estate experts, people prefer to purchase a property where the security systems like Bosch 3000 are already installed. The property value has been increased up to 5% while it becomes easy to sell such type of houses as compared to other where there is no security system installed.

Bosch 300 is cost-effective:

The purchase and installation cost of Bosch Wireless Solution 3000 Alarm System may look a bit high at first but it does not because in return you get a very long-term security system in your home. You do not need to upgrade or replace after few years as the Bosch works for years. Other than this, when you purchase Bosch with the insurance policy, you get up to 25% discount on your home insurance policy.