GEA specialises in finding reliable, safe security system solutions for your home or business. This means that there are several security system options you can choose from to give you control over your own environment.

GEA uses the latest security system products and technology to meet your security system installation needs. Once installed, every component is tested on a daily basis, with reports from your security system sent directly to the control room. You can have peace of mind knowing that your system works, without having to check every few weeks.

  • Motion Detectors

    Infrared and microwave sensor technology with a range of coverage options.

  • Break Glass Detectors

    The latest in sound discriminating technology with immunity to false alarms.

  • Smoke Detectors

    Can be stand alone or integrated into the overall alarm system.

  • Warning Devices

    Sirens and strobe lights to alert security breaches.

  • Duress Buttons

    Otherwise known as panic buttons that are pushed to signify an emergency.

  • Control Panels

    Backlit key pads with multiple arming zones that enable partitioning and easy and flexible use.

  • Remote Arming

    Wireless control devices (such as your mobile devices) that enable the remote arming and disarming of your security system.

  • Reed Switches

    Can allow your alarm to operate when you are asleep.

  • Vibration Sensors

    Can protect safes and walls from sledge hammer attack.

  • Gas Sensors

    Can detect gas leakage from commercial and domestic situations.

  • Temperature Sensors

    Can detect problems in cellars, bakeries.

  • The alarms systems that we recommend at GEA are: DSC, Paradox, Inner Range and Concept equipment.