Office Security Systems

Protect your Offices with GEA 24/7 commercial GPRS monitoring for just

$12/week ex gst

office Security Systems

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Fully installed GEA Small Security System for only $3000.00 ex gst

  • 4 x Sony 4Mps Dome Cameras

  • 1 x 8 channel Poe NVR

  • 2TB Hard disk

  • Smart Phone Control and Mobile viewing

  • Bosch Security Panel

  • 4 x Detector’s

  • 1 x Panel

  • 1 x Backup Battery

  • 1 x Power Supply

  • 1 x Indoor Siren

  • 1 x Outdoor Siren

  • 1 x Safe Dial

  • 1 x Door Reed Switch

  • 1 x Strobe Light

Secure your office with a custom security system from GEA Security, Australia’s leading provider of office security solutions. With so many options out there, it’s hard to know where to start. But we can help.

Office Security Systems

For decades CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) systems have helped retailers fight against loss prevention, injury, and general safety.

Now camera surveillance technology is rapidly expanding and business owners can choose from traditional analogue systems, IP (Internet Protocol) systems, high-definition cameras, night vision, colour, motion-activated recording, and more.

While analogue CCTV equipment can be more affordable, many digital IP systems offer higher resolution and enhanced monitoring options via Ethernet and Internet transmission.

Access Control

Do you have a team of staff that require various levels of access throughout your premises? Access control is an extension of your alarm system that allows different staff members entry into certain secure areas, and also limits access to others. Access control can also collect data on the movement of your staff, such as start and stop times to see when your staff is on site. The most common forms of access control are granted via code pad, swipe card or token.

Remote Monitoring.

Monitoring your security cameras no longer means being confined to your desk or a security room. Now we can set up remote monitoring so you can easily view footage from your iPad, mobile phone, or other portable device. In fact, we can even set it up to alert you on your portable device when the cameras detect unexpected activity, ie motion inside your office in the middle of the night.

Choosing the right system.

Cost, resolution, reliability, building layout, technical requirements, and several other factors must be considered and can alter the effectiveness of the footage provided. This is why we recommend customised solutions to be sure you’re purchasing the right equipment for the project.

GEA provides a comprehensive range of CCTV systems to meet your particular retail needs. Contact us today for a free consultation from our experts to determine which system is right for you.

Office Security Systems installers

Modern alarm systems offer robust features and provide an excellent way to protect your retail property. Some of the basic features include:

  • Motion detector (can trigger alarm & activate cameras)
  • Break glass detector
  • 24/7 remote monitoring
  • GPRS + dialer

But installing an alarm system is only the first step to effective protection of your valuables.

Contracted Alarm Monitoring

Once the alarm is activated, there must be a team ready to respond to any security breach straight away.

GEA’s monitored security services are manned 24-hours a day from our specialised operations center. We have alliances with reliable monitoring services that will respond within minutes of an alarm being activated.

You can trust us to respond to any emergency immediately, ensuring you get help the minute you need it. We make sure that your property is being safeguarded no matter where you are.

GSM or GPRS Alarm Systems

GSM and GPRS systems are more reliable forms of security for your business. What makes these systems different is that they work independently of any telephone wiring in your house. This means that in case of fire or theft where your phone lines are damaged, emergencies will still be reported immediately to the control room via mobile communication systems.

Upgrading your system to include GSM or GPRS monitoring is easy – just contact GEA to ask how.