04Mar 2019

False alarms, a bigger issue for the home security alarm system providers, a headache for the organisations and homeowners.  Safe to say, no one likes false alarm issues.

Thankfully, there’s one effective solution to prevent as most of the false alarms are caused by human error; they’re easily fixed before it happens. But finding the exact issue that’s causing the false alarm can be difficult, which is why we’re here to help.

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Here are some ways to prevent the most common causes of security system false alarms.

Memorise your security codes

The common cause of false alarms is when a user enters the wrong security code. Choose a code that can be easily memorised for everyone but would be difficult for an intruder to figure out (please don’t use 1-1-1-1).

Make sure entry doors and windows are properly closed

Be mindful of any doors and windows that have sensors on them. It can be easy to think you’ve closed them when they’re still actually open. In the end, the door and window sensors won’t be lined up correctly.

Re-Inspect the sensor position

Careful placement of your security sensors is vital to preventing false alarms. Avoid placing sensors towards heating vents and windows. Also, if you have any pets, you should not put motions sensors in areas frequented by those pets.

Inform guests to your home security system

Let your visitors and guests know that you have a home security system installed. Babysitters and cleaners may need to come by when you aren’t home; so let them know how to use the system to avoid setting off a false alarm.

Need Help? Get in touch with the professional security system installation provider.

If you think your false alarm is a result of something going wrong with your system, or if you need assistance, contact the professionals. They’ll be able to troubleshoot and walk you through any issues to find a quick resolution.

We are your one-stop security alarm system solution provider in Melbourne, Australia. We are here to offer you complete peace of mind with our reliable security alarm systems. Contact us today on 1300 137 432.


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