CCTV Security Systems

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) is common practice across most commercial and industrial businesses. CCTV prevents and assists in the safety of your business in case of robbery, accident and injury.

CCTV security camera systems installation in Melbourne

CCTV installation Melbourne
With front-door video intercoms to full home video surveillance, CCTV installations are also now becoming popular within the home. GEA uses the latest camera technology, including dome cameras, miniature hidden cameras, colour cameras, video systems and monitors.

Video Verification

Video Verification not only alerts any breach or security, but also captures 10 seconds of video upon activation. This 10 seconds of video is then instantaneously sent to the control room where it is assessed. This system is very helpful in the case of detecting false alarms, and in the case of real emergency, the video can be immediately sent to your iPad or iPhone for you to see.

Digital video recorders can store up to 1 terabyte of data, and in some cases, months of video surveillance can be stored which can be used in court cases. With the correct internet connection that data can be viewed from anywhere in the world.