Security Alarm System

Protect your home with GEA 24/7 home monitoring for just

$12/week ex gst

Bespoke Security Alarm System Installation in Melbourne

Installing an alarm system is only the first step to effective protection of you and your property. Once the alarm is activated, there must be a team ready to respond to any security breach straight away.

GEA’s monitored security services are manned 24-hours a day from our specialised operations centre. We have alliances with reliable monitoring services that will respond within minutes of an alarm being activated.

Accredited Security Alarm System Installers Melbourne

You can trust us to respond to any emergency immediately, ensuring you get help the minute you need it. We make sure that your property is being safeguarded no matter where you are.

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GSM or GPRS Alarm Systems

GSM and GPRS systems are the most reliable forms of security for your home of business. What makes these systems different is that they work independently of any telephone wiring in your house. This means that in case of fire or theft where your phone lines are damaged, emergencies will still be reported immediately to the control room. Upgrading your system to include GSM or GPRS monitoring is easy – just contact GEA to ask how.

For more detailed information on how GPS and GPRS security systems work, check out the Australian Telecommunications Users Group website.