Access Control

access control system

Access Control System

access control Access control is an extension of your alarm system that allows different staff members entry into certain secure areas, and also limits access to others. GEA can set up your access control via code pad, swipe card or token systems.

The most basic form of this security measure keeps your customers from entering areas reserved for staff only, such as near the cash register, behind the sales counter, the storeroom, or staff room, helping prevent theft and creating a safer working environment for your retail staff.

Custom Access Control Solutions and Installations

Do you want to keep customers out of the staff only areas? Do you have a team of staff that require various levels of access throughout your premises? The next level of access control determines which areas of your property selected employees may enter. At a convenience store, any staff member can punch in a code to enter the stockroom and cash register area. But in a larger complex, such as a department store, further zoning is often necessary. Some areas might be accessible by general employees, with limited access in other selected sections.

Access control can also collect data on the movement of your staff, such as start and stop times to monitor when your staff is on site.
Access can be set up in many different ways, including fingerprint scanning, keypads requiring a PIN, or card readers for swiping an authorised card or key fob.

Whether your business is small or large, GEA Security can help you plan and implement the most practical access control strategy for your property.

Locks, Bolts and Safes

Physical security such is an important part of any secure system. GEA works closely to install locks, bolts and safes, and ensure your home or business is 100% safe.