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GEA offers premium security and alarm systems in Melbourne and all over Australia. Our aim is to provide quality security solutions that meet all your needs and exceed your expectations.

From the planning stages to installation to ongoing monitoring and rapid response services, we offer a comprehensive solution that factors in everything you’ve thought of, and a few things you haven’t.

With so many recent technological advancements, the level of security systems available now is greater than ever. Alarms and CCTV camera's have changed so dramatically in the past couple years that it’s crucial your property is brought up to date.

Rather than picking up a generic security monitoring system off the shelf, ensure you have the best protection with a more customised security solution from GEA. Our team members listen carefully to your objectives and then offer expert technical advice for a truly integrated package that delivers excellent long term results. This is something you just can’t find from more generic solution providers.

Contact the professionals at GEA today to discuss your home or office security systems needs. We’d love to be of service.

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With so many novices popping up all the time offering “professional” security systems, it’s important to choose your security system provider based on careful research and objectivity.

  1. 25+ Years of Experience

    For over 25 years GEA has been providing professional security systems and knows what works best from one unique situation to the next.

  2. New Technology

    Alarms, cameras, & other equipment are changing at a faster pace than ever, and the experts at GEA supply cutting edge solutions to keep you on top of the game.

  3. 24/7 Monitoring

    The best cameras & alarm sometimes aren’t enough. We offer round the clock monitoring of your surveillance so you can rest easy.

  4. Australia Wide Service

    Our professional systems can be installed all over Australia, with monitoring & security response options available in most areas.

  5. Best Price

    While we’re known as a ‘quality first’ company, our rates are extremely competitive. Contact us today to explore the best solution based on your allocated budget.

License security firm Registration number: 654-854-01S
Asial member registration number: 00047602

Our Clients

Security Cameras

Security cameras are an effective way to prevent theft or intrusions in Melbourne. We install high tech security cameras integrated with your overall needs, strategy, & budget.

To monitor, secure and protect your property most effectively, GEA will recommend & install security cameras of the highest caliber. You can monitor your properties in real time from anywhere in the world with your smart phone, giving you peace of mind.

It's fine if you're looking for a basic or sophisticated system for your business or property; we have an unlimited range of solutions to meet your requirements for security cameras and overall protection.

Security Alarm Systems

The most important part for security to prevent theft and intrusion at your home and business is Alarm Systems. We are one of the top security system supplier, installer and service provider in Melbourne.

Each business is unique and has its own challenges, that's why we offer tailored alarm system installation to suit your business.

Also our alarm monitoring services is 24/7 which means that your business is protected around the clock.

Security monitoring

GEA Security monitoring is monitoring your property 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. So that you can have a peace of mind, our security monitoring service reacts instantly to any type of situation that may occur because of the threat.

With us you can be assured with:

  • 24/7 our trained staff is monitoring your property and will react instantly and efficiently on any emergency situations.
  • Theft on your property will be significantly reduced.
  • We notify you immediately if any failure of your security system occur.

Access control

Access control can allow you or your staff to gain access to the building. Also, it can be programed in such a way that you can limit your staff to access certain areas. For example, you dont want your accountant to have an access to labs.

Few advantages of Access control are:

  • Limit access to restricted areas
  • Attendance of employees
  • Monitor and prevent any unusual events
  • No need of changing physical locks all the time